martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010


and even if you cry, die or fly away,
i'll be there, waiting for you in that corner where we met that day you wore a big grey scarf.
i remember your smile. i miss your positive way of life, and i also miss your cheese sandwiches. i miss y.. NO! i won't never say that, my heart is not alowed to say that, you don't exist for it.
since you went away, everything has changed: now, i sleep with an open eye taking care of myself and i have never been to Liverpool, i don't remember that weekend we spent there.. did we?
if you come back, meet me at cornerstone.

3 comentarios:

Miqui Brightside dijo...

canción de arctic monkeys puede ser?

David dijo...

Don't loose your faith. If you don't, you will meet each other soon. :)

Miss.Fatii dijo...

Precioso lo que pone, si creo que es de quién creo que es, estuvieron este domingo en Galicia, y casi voy á verles (Artic Mokeys) (;